Can an Unsecured Credit Loan Lead to a Lawsuit?

Whether you've got just lost your job or are just not financially able to pay back an unsecured loan, your lender could be threatening you with a potential lawsuit. You may possibly be wondering if this is even possible. Can an unsecured loan lead to a lawsuit?

The answer is yes, an unsecured loan can lead to a lawsuit. It is critical to keep in mind that in order for your lender to file a lawsuit, you need to severely be behind on your payments. Once the lender who gave you an unsecured credit loan files the lawsuit paperwork together with your local courthouse, you typically have up to forty-five days just before the case is heard in front of a judge. There, you will need to prove that you've a valid hardship preventing you from making payments on your unsecured credit loan.

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If the judge rules in favor of the lender, you could be facing a possible wage garnishment scenario until the entire unsecured loan is paid off. This usually is really a specific percentage of your after-tax income, as determined by the garnishment laws of your state. Additionally to the full balance of your loan, you could also be forced to pay lawyer fees and court costs associated with the lawsuit.

It is crucial to bear in mind that if your unsecured credit loan lender is threatening you having a lawsuit, you need to discuss the situation with them further. In numerous instances, in the event you can explain why your inability to make you payments is as a result of a valid hardship or temporary unemployment period, they will make other arrangements with you. This can include lower monthly payments or a longer time to pay off the loan fully. Avoiding a potential lawsuit for an unsecured credit loan is particularly vital.

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