How Good is Loan Modification Over Mortgage Refinance?

Loan modification is a much needed mortgage relief system that ranks high above refinancing. This new type of help for homeowners is expected to reach over 3 million processed loans in the near future. Foreclosures can be expected to dwindle because of this successful mortgage modification program. Homeowners are prepared to spend the small amount of time needed to fill out the necessary paperwork to ensure their home ownership. Home modification loans are used because of homeowners struggling to meet monthly mortgage papers due to hardships suffered in today's weak economy. Refinancing current mortgages is not as attractive for those homeowners with less than perfect credit because of late or missed payments.

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Homeowners can expect a reduction in interest rates as low as 2% with a loan modification. Most refinancing situations are offering a less than attractive 5% interest rate. Modification loans offer to include any late payments at the end of the mortgage. Refinancing is not for the struggling homeowners with less than perfect credit history. Loan modifications are a sign of the current economic times and the hardships imposed on homeowners due to unemployment, salary cuts, and forced furlough days. Homeowners can access all the information needed at on line sites or through their current mortgage company. This process is stream lined and takes about 90 days from beginning to end.

A loan modification can help homeowners hang on to their home and keep foreclosures out of their neighborhoods. Successful modification loans are a blessing that more and more homeowners are applying for and receiving. The benefits are through noticeably lower monthly payments and the reduced payments make meeting monthly obligations more attainable. Low interest rates also shear off thousands of dollars in the total repayment amount. Refinancing was once the only way to receive lower interest rates and reduced mortgage payments. In today's economy, homeowners need to take advantage of a loan modification for financial security.

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