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With the effects of the recession still hurting the economy, many homeowners who were previously employed have lost their jobs. Some of the lucky one has managed to find another source of income to fulfill loan payment requirement, others are still searching for a suitable job to avoid payment failure of installments. To address these issues, the government has decided to step in for the aid of its people. The Federal Loan Modification plan seems to be the best solution to the worries of a defaulting home mortgage holder. With a huge $75 billion dedicated to see the plan work, this program aims at providing best modification options to the borrowers. An estimated number of four million home owners will benefit from the program. It not only offers assistance to the struggling borrowers to restructure their loans but also has fresh mortgage schemes for a first time home buyer.

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Federal Loan Modification plan believes that monthly home mortgage payments are not prices but payments. It permits the struggling homeowners to stay in their homes despite the declining values for as long as they can meet the monthly payments. To prevent home foreclosures the program proposes a reduction of the monthly payments to thirty-eight percent of the borrower's monthly income. As far as the unemployed persons are concerned, due to their inability to pay the installment, the federal loan modification plan aims to provide them extremely low rates for a specific period of time until a suitable source of income is found.

The government will make the payments even more convenient for the homeowners who are in trouble by reducing the monthly payment to as little as thirty-one percent of the borrower's monthly income. To lower the payment the lender company will first reduce the interest rate to a 2 percent. If that cannot make the borrower hit the thirty-one percent then the terms of the loan will be extended to the duration of forty years. If that is also not affordable for the borrower the lender will forebear loan principal at no interest. The plan does not ask the lenders to reduce mortgage principal. It offers possible assistance to the borrowers to overcome their hardships and avoid foreclosures.

Hence, the federal loan modification plan may seem not that feasible in terms of incurring costs but it sure is a great measure to restore peoples' confidence in the government. They have started to see their paid taxes flowing down to help them in these hard times. Hence this would not only rebuild the society but it would also create motivation to pay taxes.

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