Structured Settlement Loans - Know the Pros and Cons of Selling a Structured Settlement

Structured settlement payments are designed to give you a more stable financial disposition in a long term basis; you do have the option to free yourself of the small periodic payments that you would be receiving. You can likewise get a big sum of money instantly, and this is by selling your structured settlement.

You must remember though that structured settlement loans have their own advantages and disadvantages, thus you must be well informed of these first before applying for one. With the right knowledge and information, you will then be able to score a good deal and get the most out of your annuity.

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Advantages of Structured Settlement Loans

Some people benefit from structured settlement payments, and these include people who are no longer able to sustain their abilities to secure stable employment. Because of structured settlements, their finances are still kept safe and secure despite being wholly or partially unemployed.

A lot however prefer to receive a big amount of cash instantly, rather than receiving small installments at a given timeframe. Thus, they sell their structured settlements by means of applying loans in order to get a lump of money. These people either need the money for emergencies or unexpected circumstances, like medical accidents. Others meanwhile intend to use the money on profitable investments, especially on those that can easily give them back their money with bigger interests.

Applying for a structured settlement loan works best on people who have a keen sense for business; you can then use the cash you get on these ventures so as you can reap profits in a quicker span of time. The same goes when purchasing properties such as real estate. You can take advantage of this when the prices of properties are low, unlike when you go forth with your structured settlement, you will never be able to purchase that house or land that you've been long eying for.

Disadvantages of Structured Settlement Loans

One thing you must learn about structured settlement payments is that they are not taxable. Thus they do not have an effect on your social benefits in any way. However, if you choose to sell your structured settlement and acquire a loan, then the money you would be receiving is taxable.

Once you start using the lump of cash you get from selling your structured settlement, every single cent you earn from your investments is taxable. The same goes with your earnings from mutual funds, shared dividends and estate investments.


Indeed applying for a structured settlement loan can give you both good benefits as well as setbacks which you have to deal or live with, and they both have a big impact on they future of your finances. Thus, if you think that you can risk your structured settlement in order to reap bigger profits and in the long run, then do so; meanwhile, if you feel that sticking to your settlement is enough for you to live a stable disposition, then it's your choice as well.

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